Integrity Home Improvements

Making The Integrity Difference In Your Home

From left to right: Jonathan, Gordon, and Joshua Bill

Committed to Quality Craftsmanship

First and foremost of all Integrity Home Improvements is a company committed to quality craftsmanship. Remember that job that went longer than expected and your contractor lowered his quality to hurry up and get the job done? Not so with Integrity Home Improvements. We seek to do quality work in every situation. To us it is a way of life. We do our work so that it is safe, strong, aesthetically pleasing, and enduring. We are just as much concerned about how our work looks on the outside, as we are our work being right on the inside. Whenever possible we use the better-grade building product. We believe that our customers deserve the best.

Licensed and Insured

Not only is IHI qualified because of the quality of their work, but IHI is recognized by the State of Georgia as a licensed residential and light commercial contactor (License #RLCO002888). The requirements to obtain such a license are very rigorous, ending with a five-hour exam which tests ones competency in all areas of residential and light commercial construction. Additionally, Integrity Home Improvements holds all the necessary insurances as required by the State of Georgia.


Thirdly, Integrity Home Improvements is a company that is dependable. When we say we are going to do something, we do our best to do it. Keeping our word to our customers is a very important thing to us. IHI seeks to arrive at the job on time. No more waiting around all morning for the contractor that said he was going to be there at 8:00 am. If some unexpected delay arises we seek to inform our customers as soon as possible.


Integrity Home Improvements is a company that is marked by skill. From renovating an entire house, to installing trim and tile, to removing walls to open up living space, we have been able to gain a wide range of experience in many different areas of construction. Not to mention in 2001 we were actually able to build a 128' covered bridge! With a background of such diverse experience we are able to provide our customers with the high level of quality craftsmanship they deserve no matter what the job may be.


Integrity Home Improvements is an honest company. Many of our customers run errands while we are working in their homes. Others actually prefer for us to work while they are away vacationing. Our customers know that we can be trusted around their valuables. All of our personnel are clean-cut and reputable. In an increasingly unsafe world we want our customers to rest assured that their home is secure when we are working there. We charge fair prices. Although we cannot always give the lowest price due to our high level of quality, we make it our ambition for every job to be a win/win situation. In a day when little emphasis is put on quality and service and a premium is put on the lowest price we continue to provide our customers with excellent work and quality service. Because of the way we treat our customers much of our work is from repeat-customers.


Diversity is yet another unique characteristic of Integrity Home Improvements. Due to our wide range of experience we are able to do nearly anything that needs to be done around our clients home or business. Tired of having to call several different tradesmen to get a smaller project done? IHI is your answer. We are able to provide our customers with a unique opportunity of dialing one number to get all of their construction, repair and remodeling needs taken care of, be they small or great. To see a list of many of the services we provide please visit our Home page or call or email us for projects not listed.

Customer Friendly

Probably one of Integrity Home Improvements greatest characteristics is that we are a customer friendly company. We spend time talking with our customers discussing the scope of their work. To us, listening to our customer's thoughts and concerns is a very important aspect of the job. We seek to do our work in a timely manner. Realizing that construction is an inconvenience for anyone we do our best to finish the job as quickly as possible. Also to minimize inconvenience, IHI makes it a priority to keep a clean work area. We are respectful of our customer's homes and property. IHI stands behind their work. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong after we leave a job, we return to make it right. Above all, we want our customers to be satisfied.